Do I need to take my car to the dealer for under-warranty maintenance?

Recently we noticed a long time customer wasn’t bringing in one of their cars for routine maintenance or repairs anymore.  When our service advisor asked about it, they told us they had purchased a brand new car and were taking it to the dealer for the required maintenance,  They told us that they wished they could bring it to us because it’s more convenient and they enjoyed working with us much more than the dealer.

They didn’t know they had a choice for under-warranty maintenance

Many people think that they must bring their car back to the dealer for the required routine maintenance while the car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.  But it’s not true.  The law permits you to take your car to any qualified auto repair shop for the required maintenance.  It is important to have this maintenance completed while under warranty because you must perform these things to keep your warranty intact.  But you’re not required to go back to the dealer for it.

What about the OEM parts and fluids?

Many new car owners feel they must take their car to the dealer because they have all the manufacturer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. While of course that is true, it’s also true that a good shop (like ours) uses OEM parts and fluid and sometimes better quality.

We make your under-warranty maintenance more convenient for you

Because we are a qualified shop, we can perform the under-warranty maintenance for your car.  And because we are a smaller shop, we can give you more personalized service.

Here are a few ways we make under-warranty maintenance easier and more convenient:

  • Faster check in and out:  We can get you in an out of the shop quicker than most of the local dealers with our streamlined system.
  • Talk to the tech: Here at Frank’s, when you pick your car up, you talk to one of our service advisors and if you need to you can talk directly to the tech that worked on your car to answer any of your questions.  Try that at the dealer.
  • We get to know you and your cars:  Because we are smaller than the dealers with fewer customers, we get to know you and your cars.  This helps us deliver better long-term service for many years.
  • While-you-wait services:  With some maintenance you can wait while we perform the service for you.  Call us and set up an appointment and we’ll tell you if your service is while-you-wait.  If it is we’ll get you in and out fast while you wait in our comfy waiting room with full amenities.
  • A better shuttle experience than the dealers:  If you would like a ride to the office or home and back, we have a dedicated shuttle driver and vehicle for that.  If you’re used to the shuttle service that takes many customers all over the county, you’ll like our service.  We rarely have anyone more than just you in our shuttle.  Plus, we only employee friendly, helpful and upbeat people to drive you around.

If you’re just not sure, give us a call and we can answer your questions.  At Frank’s we want you as a customer for life and we know the best way to do that is to deliver the best service and solutions that you can trust year after year.